It's A Dogs World
It's A Dogs World
School of Grooming

School of Grooming

Course Information
15 Weeks
450 Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
Day Classes Only
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Limited Class Size
All Hands-on Training
Instructor with 24 years
of experience
Classes begin every Tuesday
Course Cost $5,000

An application fee of $195 is
required to reserve your course date

A grooming equipment kit is needed
before classes begin.  It can be
purchased through It's A Dog's World
at a cost of $800.

Student Funding
If you or your spouse have served
in the military, we can now accept
GI Bill assistance.  In-house funding
is also available.
What You Will Learn
Breed Identification,
Behavior, and Characteristics
Handling Techniques
Nail Clipping, De-matting
Appropriate Shampoo Selection
Bathing Techniques
Mixed Breed Trimming
Rare Breed Grooming
Finish Scissoring
Bows and Bandanas
Clipper Maintenance
Shop Organization
Customer Relations
And much more!

1855 W. Greenway Ste 111
Phoenix, AZ 85023
Phone: 602.493.3647
Fax: 602.493.8707
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